By now you may well have heard about the Robotic Fish that the BBC covered yesterday:

This was another occasion where I saw a friend of mine from University days have fifteen minutes of fame. The chap in the BBC photo is Rob Knight, he built the robots and probably did a lot of the design work. Rob is one super intelligent guy but very modest with it, his is a Cambridge Grad (with a first), ran one of the coolest robots on the UK’s Robot Wars etc etc.

So imagine how I feel when his name is not mentioned in the BBC article! The only name mentioned is Professor Hu – a brilliant mind and someone who I got along with very well, but I know for a fact that Owen Holland is more than likely Rob’s supervisor and am 99.9% certain will have initiated this project; his name is all over it, but was Owen mentioned in the article? NO, and that is ridiculous. Well that’s the rant over; I just think credit should go where credit is due. Rob and I should be meeting up over Xmas so I’ll get the real dirt then – if we are not too busy crashing our snowboards into trees or drinking too much French beer!

Here is a picture of the real heroes who built the thing, Rob is in the middle and I have not met the other two (PhD students?).


For more information on the Robots please check out the following links, especially the videos:

Video of the Fish:

If you have time please read a little information about Owen Holland; he is one of my favorite academics, and makes a lot of time for all his students/ research assistants. A true role model: