Update: Installation of Aureus from SourceForge and waiting a little over a day left Revelations.iso on my HD. Minutes later a DVD-RW was burned and placed in my DVD player. If you are downloading Revelations wait for the DVD download. The effects are still impressive but at DVD quality they do look like effects since they are too clean.

Bittorrent coupled with non commercial content like this movie and the twenty plus podcasts I listen to each week must surely have media companies rethinking their future. How long until even my basic cable subscription is not necessary? Already cable TV would be redundant if I (illegally) download the Simpsons etc - I know more than one person with a modded Xbox who is doing this. Personally I prefer to stay on the right side of the law for $40/ month, but is it really worth $40/month for a handful of shows? Micro-payments for legal downloads of ABC News and the Simpsons would have me calling Comcast tomorrow. I know first hand that Atlanta based cable companies hire smart developers. I hope their strategic planners are just as smart. It interesting to note that the BBC is already producing podcasts - doubt I'll listen to live radio ever again.

News of Star Wars Revelations is exploding. Yesterday I finally got around to downloading it and was pleasantly surprised.

Apparently Mr. Lucas is fine with fans making Star Wars films, so long as they are not for profit. Take a look at the screen captures below (darn Media Player got me for a while with overlay mode so I swiftly installed BS Player on the laptop + switched to RGB mode).

Any more questions on why, how much and how did you achieve this for little cash etc are answered on the creator's faq:

The film is free - you will soon find torrents and direct downloads all over the web. My mini review: sets are stellar, spacecraft are better than any of the original three films and you will see some familiar faces like storm troopers, R2D2, regulars of the cantina bar etc. The plots was a little weak, but if you like Star Wars you must take a look - good luck downloading it though, my torrent did not even start whereas podcasts often come down at up to 800k/s.