Anyone who has had more than a couple of beers with me knows my only interests are:

  1. Technology
  2. Cars
  3. Anything else with wheels

    If you share number 2 then check out Auto Blog:

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    The author writes well and appears very independent - this is often not the case with the mainstream US auto-magazines.

Similar to Enagadget there is a picture with every entry - this means scanning for interesting posts is easy so keeping up to date is possible. Blogs like Scoble's are generally Ctrl-Shift-R - there is just too much to read!! OK this is freaky: I am listening to a Bloggercon 3.0 podcast, and as I typed that last sentence Robert Scoble said he needs to know if people think he publishes too much. That was weird, is Scoble becoming omnipresent?