Imagine that today you crashed a bicycle at about 25mph with a kind road sign stopping you from sliding too farJ Note to self: Immovable objects really hurt when you hit them!


A few hours later (avec arm in cast) imagine my one handed horror at realizing that 2003 sever needs a ctrl-alt-delete to login. Thankfully the right alt can be used and the good hand was just wide enough. So it seems MS do cater well for such niche disabilities tooJ


Luckily I just broke a wrist. How it happened? In a group ride we had to jump over a small ditch on a downhill in the Highlands. Two of us clashed bars after landing then a split second later bikes met and we were inspecting tarmac. The other guy was fine after just sliding down the pavement.


Ironically enough I gave up mountain biking for this ‘safer’ pastime.