After finding Chris', Paul's and Wally's posts interesting I followed their lead:

Professional Highlights of 2005

  • Lariam is really wearing off; I am rarely out-of-it now
  • No longer on a H1-B work visa so the 50% agent's cut has gone <big g>
  • Speaker skills hugely improved with experience of different states and audiences over 100
  • Appear to be a .Net 'alpha-geek' locally, but I am not sure it is justified

Personal Highlights of 2005

  • Got married (to a wonderful person)
  • Did huge amounts of work on my house (cat5, hardwood floor, windows, painting, garage, yard, TV PCs, etc)
  • Learned to maintain cars again (had fun AND saved >$1K on dealer fees)
  • Stayed fit with cycling and running

Professional Goals for 2006

  • Start picking up the pace work-wise (Lariam willing)
  • Continuous improvement of speaking skills especially for Code Camps - rival Mark Dunn before 2007!!
  • Find more time to help with requests for Podcasts, book writing, company foundation etc
  • Ensure everything I do for the .Net community is of the highest possible quality
  • Read/ skim-read all the well known management/ personal success books (cringe)

Personal Goals for 2006

  • Do not annoy anyone if Lariam hits again
  • Live modestly, including driving a used car which gets good mpg
  • Do at least one auto-cross every month
  • Find time to achieve a 6 minute mile
  • Move to a more central part of Atlanta