Boring post I know: Today I used an Acer AL1914 19" LCD Monitor with a DVI compatible video card (it was purchased for those contracts where contractors are provided whatever hardware was about to be sat on the curb). The difference is night and day - as one may expect you loose controls to set focus etc . If you are looking to buy a low end LCD go with DVI - the expensive LCD Monitors probably all have decent ADC components but this sub-$300 19" unit's ADC is pretty lousy.

Arriving back from Austria I can use my own hardware in the Atlanta office and am hence happy as Larry (apart from the workload). When time allows I'll post more about the setup in a post on workstation ergonomics, or more poignantly why I have not had a stiff neck or bad back since 2001 despite having done little but write code for the last 23 years.