You know the saying, concentrate on your core business and leverage commodity software wherever possible.
Well 2007 is almost here, and it is probably time to stop maintaining
my own blog software when there are so many easy to use services
available. The first one I am trying is Google's Blogger, about 10
minutes of effort produced this:

saved from the NAS v's File Server prompted me to this. In 1999 I had
my own home brew TV PC which required enormous amount 'nursing'. Just
ripping a CD took 8 hours in 1999! Then came better capture software
like Virtual Dub and home brew scheduling software, then Snapstream,
the PVR250 capture card, the set-top boxes (my 6412 was too
buggy/complex) and finally we have media easily available on the
internet - take video podcasts for example. Each step reduced the time
required for the geek hobby as it progressively became mainstream.
Blogging is now mainstream enough that 99.9% of us should be able to
live with a commodity engine. It has to be said that .Text and the
DasBlog have served me well - my flat cap (a Yorkshire thing) is tipped
to all involved.