While driving to work this morning and catching up on the weekend's Slashdot Review Andy McCaskey started talking about one of my blog posts. Being linked to from a big name blogger is one thing, but hearing your name come out of your own car's audio system - well it is just plain freaky. So this is what fame feels like :)

Slashdot Review is a must listen - during August I am attempting 100% cold turkey on reading blogs via an aggregator becuase I was burning about three hours every night. At first the idea was to still read Scoble and Scott Hanslemann, but I finally decided that anything really important will make Slashdot Review which I hear everyday while driving to work.

In summary I love blogging, but the podcast bug has bitten hard. It is certainly a better use of time if you aim to keep up with technology. Unlike blogs the communication is pretty much one way which removes the 'social' aspect unless I make it to Gnomedex next year - people are already starting to talk me into this.

One final word: Please try to use iPodder when downloading podcasts as transfers are done using bittorrent. This means downloads are much faster for you and the podcast provider has little bandwidth costs. Now iTunes supports Podcasts bandwidth costs are not insignificant for popular indie podcasters. If you are not sure where to start then Check out my old list of recommendations. This Week in Tech has been terrible since I made that list, but they are finally getting their act back together and this week's episode is much more focused.