Boy am I late blogging about this one. Well it was a great day with many great speakers, info on who spoke about what is still up here:


Everyone I met was very friendly including these guys I had lunch with:

The food at lunchtime was the best of any Code Camp so far, just look at the happy faces below who hung around for seconds:

Finally I attended Doug's Indigo presentation. He is below setting up and no one owned up to taking this picture before he was ready:

It was great to meet several stars/ future stars at the Queen Anne Revenge. Some of the people I enjoyed meeting are Frank Lavigne (and wife), Lou Vega, Bill Ryan, Will Morganweck, Robin Edwards and the guy who made it all happen Chris Williams. I met loads more great people there and at the Code Camp so sorry to miss some names, but my memory is terrible and I think everyone ran out of business cards by 10am - I know that I did!

So how was it personally? Suzanne and I traveled to Charleston the evening before Code Camp and dined with the other speakers at the Queen Anne's Revenge.  I spoke at 9am and we had to close the doors to the room nearly ten minutes before starting due to having no more space! The presentation went fantastically with pretty much zero nerves - see y'all, all it needs is practice, if I can become a competent presenter then anyone can! Suzanne and I left Charleston on Sunday morning arriving back in Atlanta in time for tea. A perfect weekend :)