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Why the move? This arrived in my mailbox about a month ago:


Current Status:

This case has been approved. On February 22, 2005, an approval notice was mailed.

In plain English that means after three years of doing short term dev jobs through a Consulting firm I am now free to work for anyone. So after almost twelve years of consulting I have decided to give a permanent position a try. It appears that in the USA contractors are mostly hired to clean up existing code - that is enjoyable to a point but I would like my own team and a green field again. It is tempting to return to Accenture or Deloitte but travel is not the thing to do after my Wedding next month. I intend to still take short term contracts until the right permanent role comes along.

Hence the blog url has changed before I start sending out resumes. The old dotnetworkaholics link still works, (this is pretty simple to do with .Text).

Finally a few personal notes on the Wedding; everybody seems to ask this (if not they probably think it):

  • My Green Card is all through my own merits (having a Masters degree from a top notch University made this a breeze to obtain)
  • Do I automatically become a citizen because I marry a US citizen next month? No! Frankly I wish to keep my UK passport - no offence to Americans but I would rather keep the option of returning to Europe open - health care and any other form of welfare in the USA is terrible if you hit hard times. I have heard too many stories of middle class families ending up on skidrow over here. To a European the lack of a welfare state is terrifying, especially with healthcare insurance caps and the rate everyone sues each other over here