There are still spaces left for Alabama's code camp which happens on Saturday 29th October. If you missed Atlanta's then why not try this one - we know the price is right.

The Agenda is interesting; there are an unbelievable NINE tracks:

You can sign up here:

If you fancy a ride there in a swanky BMW then just email and I'll let you know my travel plans. Ok it is only a stripper 325i but I love the car, although it will be traded for a '99 Miata soon so I'll be able to afford to race what I drive - the BMW had two warranty issues that followed my driving school so it has not hit the track again. The dealership is always great but I don't want to abuse the warranty, I have already had a full set of new rotors and pads + the rear diff fixed which I know were all due to my driving. Now should I NOS the Miata.... Yes I am a law abiding 35 year old UMIST grad with a white collar job; sometimes no one would guess :)

While I am talking cars here are two pictures of my humble steed in two different situations. The second one is ultra-cool and will be explained in a future post. In a post after I explain how to obtain a Realtor license and just how much cash it will save you when moving house (I said that I would do that how long ago?):


DIY on the house this week - good job I have a (folding) trailer


Plugging into ODB-II, who needs the dealership?