Show and Tell of expensive toys could sum this evening up.

There were only seven developers among the seventy or so attendees. The phrases Compact Framework or even .Net were not mentioned once!

 Still it was a fun evening, I got to live vicariously through other people’s high dollar purchases (like I’d blow $800 on a PDA, do you know what kind of wheels $800 would buy? Nice ones).

Unbelievably some rivaled Michael Earls on the amount-of-tech-in-your-everyday-life front. It seemed like everyone there had Bluetooth capable devices which talked to their car audio system + GPS receiver.

 Obviously there is quite lot to learn about mobile devices apart from just programming them; my favorite was the new nickname for the BlackBerry: CrackBerry – apparently checking Email becomes an addiction creating a Pavlovian response from its incoming email alert. For you single guys: If you fly often it appears a BlackBerry will pick up more chicks than a PocketPC equivalent. My $200 Dell Axim probably means Jocks will be stand in line to kick my nerdy ass.

 The main speaker was Dale Coffing, he showed off some cool products including a pair of khakis that I’ll be buying. The SCOTTeVEST pants have eleven hidden pockets and compartments – ideal for stowing a PDA and blunt metal objects discretely (in case of attack by Jocks in Airport lounges). SCOTTeVEST also sell Jackets… get ready to salivate… Their jackets have up to 42 hidden pockets all begging to contain an expensive gadget, the jacket even has hidden cable routing to link any oh-that’s-so-90’s wired gadgets together. And just think of the new people you'll meet at Airport security. The Jackets are here:

 If anyone knows of an Atlanta based Compact Framework Support User Group please let me know.