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With the seemingly constant bombardment of .Net acronyms and technologies, few seem to bother about how we plan, design and build software anymore. When starting my blog such subjects were to be the main focus, but heck I’ll bow to the fashions and won’t bore people too often about non-sexy buzzwords. This post is (of course) an exception.


Atlanta’s Agile (ex eXtreme Programming) user group is highly enjoyable, and good opportunity to hear from seasoned experts in software development. Attendees tend to be in their late 30’s and 40’s but there is little stuffiness that you may encounter at other expert-heavy groups in town.


The last meeting was a presentation by Jim Highsmith who wrote the book on ‘Agile Project Management’ – I even won the book which is always a bonus. The presentation was very enjoyable and informative; anyone not there missed a treat. Keep an eye on this group’s agenda, they sometimes get geek superstars like Martin Fowler to present.


Not to labor on, but if you currently work in a chaotic environment, try to attend a meeting or two, it may bring a little more order to your dev life with little extra effort. The next meeting should be an introduction to Agile Development: http://xp.thatatlantasite.com/index.html Meetings are at the ISS

Building in Dunwoody – I
know it is getting cold but don’t wear a Black Hat in their building, I hear security
will march you out!