Offshoring is here for good, get used to it. Only last month I sold my recently delivered '07 BMW to an Indian working in the US. He is an off shoring specialist with no coding skills whatsoever! The offshoring trend is way more advanced than you probably think. Oh yes, he paid cash for the car too, these Indians are smart people...

So what are we to do? In his first book 'My Job Went to India' Chad Fowler has delivered a 'self-help' guide for Western developers. Of course you dear reader, as a blog devouring overachiever, 80% of this book will be common sense. During chapter one I almost tossed it back on the bookshelf, but Chad's anecdotes from his time in India are pretty amusing, and chuckles from a tech book always keep me reading :) As the book progressed tips appeared that I bet even you too can learn from. The chapter on Marketing Yourself is something I wish I had read ten years ago.

The cover of the book was my IM avatar for a while – as hoped it generated quite a few laughs, but most friends had never heard of the book, hence this review.

It is an easy read and at only $13.57 from Amazon I suggest everyone pick up a copy